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The Bay Area is an incredible place to kite. There is wind almost everyday from March through October, with a variety of terrain. You can wave ride at the famous Waddell Creek, kite endless miles under the Golden Gate Bridge, or camp out at Sherman Island with other kiter enthusiasts.

Newbies often have a hard time getting into kiting here. The few suitable places for learning don't get consistent wind, and schools usually are booked several weeks in advance. The cost for entry is also another consideration.

Days In The Bay conducts group land training lessons with certified and reputable instructors from the area. Once you've completed your land training, you can decide if kiteboarding is for you!

Our clinic provides:
Students learn basic kite control in level I.

Utilizing range of kites, students will learn:
Equipment set-up
Safety systems
Kite control/Wind theory/Kite mechanics
Power Zones
Terms used

By the end of the lesson, students will understand and demonstrate the proper way to handle and fly a kite. From there, we welcome you to book your next private lesson with one of our instructors.

Intro to Kiteboarding Dates:
Every other Sunday beginning June 13, 2010

Time: 12 - 3:30pm

Cost: $120 for 3.5 hour clinic, limited to 8 participants per clinic

What to Bring:
Sunscreen, wear loose comfortable clothing, sweatshirt, hat, snacks, water